A bubble bath

'' Can you wash your hair?,    I can wash my hair,

  Can you wash your feet?,    I can wash my feet,

  Can you wash your face?,   I can wash my face,

  Can you wash your knees? I can wash my knees,

              This is the way we take a bath! ''

The kindergardeners were introduced to the various toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste,  toothbrush and towel. We named and recognised the hygienic actions like brushing teeth, washing hands, combing hair, taking a bath. 

We also had a little chat about when and how often do we have to wash our hands.

Each child had an opportunity to demonstrate how to wash their hands properly themselves.They seemed to be very excited about that.  The older children learnt and understood the importance of  personal hygiene. We sang a'' Bath song''and at the end children had lots of fun by making soap bubbles.