Reading corner: „Why giraffe has a long neck”

It was a long time ago when giraffes had short necks. One day the Giraffe was very hungry and decided to eat some honey from a tree hollow. She put her head in and... slurp, slup! The honey was so sweet and yummy! When she got full and wanted to pull her head out she realised that she's stuck! Her animal friends tried to help but they couldn’t. Many days and nights passed. The tree was growing taller and taller and the Giraffe's neck was getting longer. When she finally managed to pull the head out her neck was really loooong! From that day on, all giraffes had long necks.
The kindergardeners listened to the story very eagerly and felt sorry for the poor Giraffe. They understood why she got tempted to the honey as they tried the sweet thing by themselves and agreed that it is really delicious. Later on we revised names of different animals (farm, zoo and pets) and went for a walk to the zoo where the children had great fun copying animal's moves.